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A real-time battle action game in which many units on the field fight at the same time

There are more than 100 units on the field, each fighting with a will. The player controls and fights one of the units. Battles take place in real time, and you'll be at a dist to battle.

Battles using a variety of weapons and special techniques

At first, there are few types of weapons, but as you progress through the story, you will be able to get new weapons and special skills. Because there are a lot of weapons with a feature, it is necessary to advance the use battle advantageously according to the situation.

Customize and enhance your units and weapons

For weapons and units used by players, you can use En (Money) to enhance each parameter. You are free to choose which parameters you want to enhance, so try customizing them to suit your play style.

You can organize members to take with you by increasing the number of friends

When you clear the stage, you can make a certain number of bits a friend from among the bits of the opponent who fighted. Friends bits can also be organized as member units or team leaders for each player. You are free to organize within the maximum number of teams.

Battlefield is a wide variety of special maps

Battlefields for each stage are available with fixed maps and random maps. The stage of the random map changes every time even if it enters the same stage. There are various types of maps, such as wide and easy-to-walk maps, maps with narrow and difficult map steps to break through enemies.

Multiple players can play at the same time

Little Saver usually allows you to play 1 player, but if you combine multiple gamepads, you can play cooperatively with up to four players at the same time. You will not be affected by NPC (non-player characters) or team commands, so you can fight with a more free strategy.

Note: In this game, it is only cooperative play and there is no match function. In addition, simultaneous play is only offline, it is not possible to play online or connected to multiple devices (such as a PC).

Multiple inputs such as keyboard, mouse, gamepad (XInput), touch, etc.

You can play keyboard, mouse or gamepad on your PC. Touch operation using a virtual button is also possible if it is compatible with the touch panel. It is also possible to assign each input device to a different player.

The maximum number of connections is up to one keyboard and one mouse, and up to four gamepads.

In the case of a mouse, there is no shortcut key compared to the keyboard or gamepad, so it is suitable for play while leveling, etc. In the case of smartphones and tablets, touch is the center, but it is possible to play so that there is no feeling of lack of operation in the action game.

Sumafo resolution and portrait landscape orientation

Since the screen of the sumafo is smaller than the PC, it is possible to play by setting the resolution and layout for the sumafo. In addition, the layout changes by automatically detecting the direction of the sumafo in portrait or landscape orientation. (Fixed if rotating lock)

Resolution and orientation support is mainly for smartphones and tablets, but the setting itself is also possible on a PC. On the other hand, you can play with sumafo or PC resolution.

Touch operation is also compatible with one-handed operation

In the case of touch operation, the virtual button is placed in the frame and operated, but depending on the person, you may want to operate it with both hands, or you may want to operate it with one hand. In this game, you can play in any style because the layout for both hands, one hand, and the right hand for the left hand is prepared. Of course, both vertical and landscape layouts are available.

Works on many PCs and tablets

Little Saver doesn't use advanced 3D or effects, so you can play without a high-performance video card. This allows you to play on PCs and tablets that don't have a video card and only have a GPU in the chipset. However, because of the large number of units running at the same time, some CPU specifications may be required. For those who still want to play on devices with low specs, we also have a setting to reduce the number of units displayed on the screen and a mobile mode so that you can play with Sumafo specs.

Increase the number of units of placement and further Hachamecha battle

You can reduce the number of unit placements so that you can play on low-spec PCs, but on the other hand, you can increase the number of unit placements more than usual for those who want to enjoy a more messy battle on a high-spec PC.

In addition to the Japanese version, English is also supported (partial support)

Little Saber is the main Japanese version, but you can change the display language from the settings to English. It is also possible for foreign people to play. However, some sentences, such as the conversation scene of the event, do not correspond to English. However, please be assured that the main element of the game such as combat will be English notation.

Android is also available

In addition to Windows 10 Mobile, Android is now supported for smartphones and tablets.