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Program body

Ver 1.08 (2019/7/12)

Additional features
  • The Android version has been released.
  • Improved the fact that text does not protrude frames when selecting languages other than Japanese and English.
Specification change
  • [Balance adjustment] consumption SF of special techniques has been slightly reduced.
Bug fix
  • The problem that the consumption science fiction of the special technique decreases when the unit is strengthened (originally increases)
  • Problems that end abnormally at the start of a battle when executed in an environment with different formats for Japanese and English, such as French or English

Ver 1.07 (2019/5/12)

Additional features
  • Added "Do not receive input when inactive" to the option. When on, input is no longer accepted when the game window is no longer active.
  • Added a setting that can be "character-oriented fixed button, target fixed button toggle format" to player input settings.
  • If you have only one player, you can now operate on all connected gamepads in battle.
Specification change
  • [Balance adjustment] the difficulty level of stage 1-4 has been slightly reduced.
  • [Balance adjustment] reduced the overall ability of the weapon [cross].
  • [Balance adjustment] I have slightly increased the ability of the weapon [Canon].
  • [Balance adjustment] I have slightly increased the ability of the weapon [Bomb].
  • [Balance adjustment] I have slightly increased the ability of the weapon [Multiple].

Ver 1.06 (2019/4/30)

Additional features
  • It is compatible with the Android version. After the beta version of the trial version is released, the trial version and the official version will be released. (Currently only available on Google Play.) )
  • The operation description screen has been added to the title screen and the pause screen.
  • Regardless of the player input settings, the menu screen now allows you to operate on all connected gamepads.
Bug fix
  • Item disappears when returning to the map in the middle of the stage

Ver 1.05 (2019/4/22)

Additional features
  • Vibrate when damaged when using gamepads
  • Added "French", "German", "Italian", "Russian" and "Spanish" to the corresponding language. However, it is a temporary implementation at present, and the translation is wrong or the layout is off.
  • The gamepad can be used to operate the menu even if it is assigned to the second and subsequent.
  • Show the portal's hidden skill "Acquisition Experience Increase" in the skill list
  • The event scene was added to the trial version.
  • The save game of the trial version can be read in the full version. (If you want to update from an earlier version, please refer to the notes on the download page.)
Specification change
  • [Balance adjustment] Raysia, added "avoidance" skill to Tory
  • [Balance adjustment] "Critical" skill added to Neil
  • [Balance adjustment] added "state abnormality half halved" skill to Auri
Bug fix
  • Problem that ON, OFF of the damage display setting of the option screen was reversed
  • The problem with the game falling when you try to increase the volume of the option to 100 or more
  • Problem with the game screen being displayed at 16:9 when you start the game without frames (originally 4:3 without frames)
  • During touch operation, a problem that falls when a large number of touches during data loading
  • A problem that the event after the stage is cleared does not occur when it is eliminated even once in each stage, or it leaves in the middle (including important events and endings)

Ver 1.04 (2019/4/8)

Bug fix
  • The problem is that the icon shifts when you change a combat hollow slot
  • Problems shifting when text is long in the stage title display before the start of a battle
  • Gamepad settings were not reflected when loading saved games
  • B button is treated as a Back button on Xbox One (MonoGame bug)
Additional features
  • Added damage relief settings to enemies to options
  • The number of times of the revival of the companion is displayed in the battle menu.
Specification change
  • [Balance adjustment] increase the maximum number of possession of bullet charge
  • [Balance adjustment] the passage of the map was widened overall
  • [Balance adjustment] slightly lowered the state abnormal probability of the enemy's attack
  • [Balance adjustment] lowered the state abnormality duration of the disadvantage overall (down system: 20 seconds, stop system: 10 seconds)

Ver 1.03 (2019/3/30)

Additional features
  • Publish the Fleur version
Specification change
  • [Balance adjustment] increase in the number of possession of the initial consumption item
Bug fix
  • When touching or using the mouse, the screen closes immediately when you press and release the virtual ○ button on a single message screen.
  • The problem of not being able to return to the previous screen after selecting the game start when the display language is English
  • An issue in which the number of items in possession is 0 in the slot selection in the field menu
  • The initial number of fellow bits was less than expected when playing in mobile mode

Ver 1.02 (2019/3/24)

Additional features
  • Show description in lower right when approaching an object on the battle map of an early stage (optionally not displayed can be toggled)
  • Show descriptive text when picking up an item (optional, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
  • Show descriptive text when changing slots during combat (optional, toggle without showing)
  • The homing initial target was set to a nearby unit and changed to the target unit.
  • Fix an issue where a message is slightly beyond the pane
Specification change
  • Change item selection when changing slots in field map from grid mode to advanced mode
  • [Balance adjustment] increase of items that can be obtained at the time of stage clearing
  • 【Balance adjustment】Adjustment of acquisition en bonus of unit skills (basically increased)
  • 【Balance Adjustment】Add earned en bonus to portal skills
Bug fix
  • The problem that only eight teams came out in the battle even if the number of teams increased
  • If you assign a player input device more than the player unit that is placed in the team, it will fall on the battle screen.
  • The problem that the equipment non-equipment notation and the item un-possession notation was not correct in the equipment item list of the unit status screen was not correct
  • The problem that can be taken to the battle more than the number of items in possession. If you use more items than you have, the remaining number of items in the field map is negative.
  • When saving a save game in an environment where the PC name including the character which cannot be used in the game is set, the game falls at the timing of the save game display.

Ver 1.01 (2019/2/28)

  • Distribution of trial versions on the Internet