Disable the automatic hyperlink feature for URLs that you type

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Excel automatically applies hyperlinks when you type text that begins with "http://..." in a cell, and displays the URL destination that you typed in a Web browser with just a click.

It may be a useful feature, but some people may want to prevent hyperlinks from attaching if possible because they may accidentally click on them. This section describes how to prevent hyperlinks from connecting automatically.

入力した URL にハイパーリンクが自動的に付加される機能を無効にする

Confirmed version of the operation

Supported Excel version

  • 2007
  • 2010
  • It is possible even before 2003, but the procedure is slightly different.

Make sure Excel version

  • 2007
  • 2010



As described in the summary, when you enter a URL in a cell, the URL becomes blue and underlined as shown on the right, and you open the url destination page just by clicking on the cell you want to edit.

To disable this hyperlink auto-add feature:

ファイル - オプション

From the menu, select File, and then select Options.

文書校正 - オートコレクトのオプション

In the Options dialog box that opens, select Proofing from the left menu and click the AutoCorrect Options button.


When the AutoCorrect dialog opens, select the AutoFormat As You Type tab, clear the Change Internet and network addresses to hyperlinks check box, and click the OK button to close.

Now, when you type a URL, the hyperlink doesn't automatically stick.


By the way, cells that already have hyperlinks are not automatically removed, so right-click the cell and select Delete Hyperlink.