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You can download the program of the touchboard and the definition file of the board.

Before downloading

Before downloading and running the program, check the "Operating Environment" page to see if it is an operating environment.

In addition, the following components must be installed to run the program: (Installed as standard on Windows 10)

Also, if you have any questions, please refer to the "Q&A" page. The update history can be viewed from the "Update History" page.

Program body

Please download from the link below.

Latest version

* Starting with Ver 1.02, Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported.

* Starting with Ver 1.02, you will need .NET Framework 4.6.1. If you see a version error in the .NET Framework when you start it, install the latest version of the .NET Framework. It can also be installed from Windows Update.

* If you want to overwrite files before Ver 0.32, the "Content" folder will no longer be used, so please delete it. There is no problem even if you leave it.

* If you overwrite files before Ver 0.23, please update the board package. In board packages before Ver 0.23, the image displayed in the key is scaled differently (it only looks good, so it doesn't work). If you want to use it as is, open the board container definition file in a text editor and change the "ImageRenderMode":"Fill" to "ImageRenderMode":"Uniform".

Previous version

The program includes standard "normal layout", "thumb layout" and "mouse pad" boards.

Board package

* If you want to overwrite the file, please erase the old file. If you put a new file without erasing the old configuration file, multiple versions of the file will be loaded.

Latest version

Previous version

The above board packages include: Please refer to it because it is described at the bottom of the page what it is.

  • Normal Layout
  • Thumb Layout (Thumb)
  • MousePad
  • TenKey
  • GameController
  • Illust


When you expand a ZIP file, it contains a .setting file that defines the layout of the various boards.

Select the layout of the board you want to use and copy or move the file into the {.exe folder path}\Boards\Default\folder. This allows you to switch between boards while the touchboard is booting. (Please close the touchboard before replacing it.)

If you want to switch boards, press the "⇐⇒" key above each board.

About the contents of the board package

The board packages distributed are as follows:

Normal Layout

Version file name Language-enabled application version
1.00 010_Normal_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 010_Normal_0_30_Ja.setting, 011_Normal_Kana_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 010_Normal_0_22_Ja.setting, 011_Normal_Kana_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 010_Normal_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 010_Normal_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

It is designed to have the same layout as a typical keyboard as possible, except for thyn keys. You can use it as if it were a usual keyboard, but the CapsLock, ScrollLock, and Pause keys have been retired. Instead, caps Lock places the left mouse button, the right button, and the cursor key above the mouse pad, mouse wheel, and mouse center click from the left.

Also, starting with Ver 1.00, the display of keys changes depending on the state of the IME and the pressed state of the Shift key.

Thumb Layout (Thumb)

Version file name Language-enabled application version
1.00 020_Thumb_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 020_Thumb_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 020_Thumb_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 020_Thumb_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 020_Thumb_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

It is a layout that strikes the key with the thumb assuming that the tablet is held with both hands. Since the layout of the standard keyboard is halved, I think that you can save the trouble of searching for keys. Some of the keys that were on the standard keyboard have been deprecated because the thumb is limited in reach.


Version file name Language-enabled application version
1.00 030_MousePad_1_00_Ja.setting, 031_MousePadOneHandLeft_1_00_Ja.setting, 032_MousePadOneHandRight_1_00_Ja.setting, 033_MousePadExtensionKey_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 030_MousePad_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 030_MousePad_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 030_MousePad_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 030_MousePad_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

Many desktop apps are designed to be operated with a mouse, so when you try to operate with a touch-only device, the operation target is small and often difficult to operate. To compensate for this, we have placed a mouse pad on the screen pseudo-to be able to operate the mouse cursor.

The mouse pad is positioned to the right and the mouse button to the left, making it easy to drag. Please use it for tools and games that assume mouse operation.

In addition, the lower right button on the left board is the simultaneous push button of "right click + left click". For example, the 3D modeling tool Methassequoia allows you to zoom by holding down the right-click and left-click at the same time and moving the mouse.

The mouse pad in the center of the right board is a double-speed mouse pad. Use when you want to move the cursor at once with fewer operations. The second mouse pad from the bottom left is a normal speed mouse pad. Use when you want to move finely after moving at 2x speed. The second key from the top left is the mouse stick. If you move your finger slightly from the point you press, the cursor will continue to move in that direction.

Ver 1.00 also includes a new left hand, right hand mouse pad, and extended mouse pad for additional operations.

※ I use [Fleet Collection] for the screen image.


Version file name Language-enabled application version
1.00 040_TenKeyLeft_1_00_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyRight_1_00_Ja.setting, 042_TenKeyLeftNumLock_1_00_Ja.setting, 043_TenKeyRightNumLock_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 040_TenKeyLeft_0_30_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyRight_0_30_Ja.setting, 042_TenKeyLeftNumLock_0_30_Ja.setting, 043_TenKeyRightNumLock_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 040_TenKeyLeft_0_22_Ja.setting, 040_TenKeyRight_0_22_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyLeftNumLock_0_22_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyRightNumLock_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 040_TenKeyLeft_0_10_Ja.setting, 040_TenKeyRight_0_10_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyLeftNumLock_0_10_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyRightNumLock_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 040_TenKey_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

It is a thynum key of the seeing manma. Please use it.

For NumLock keys, they are positioned as special keys and may not work properly when pressed. Instead, it came with the board when you pressed NumLock, so please use it.


Version file name Language-enabled application version
1.00 050_GameController_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 050_GameController_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 050_GameController_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 050_GameController_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 050_GameController_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

It is a board laid out for the game. On a normal keyboard, the cursor keys are on the right and the Z and X keys are on the left, but when you hold the tablet, you will be operated with your thumb, so I dared to place it in the game controller style in reverse.

If it is not a game that presses multiple keys at the same time, I think that the action game can correspond as such.

※ We use [Hanasaki or Fairy] produced by [Become] for the screen image.


Version file name Language-enabled application version
1.00 060_IllustCspLeft_1_00_Ja.setting, 061_IllustCspRight_1_00_Ja.setting, 062_IllustPsLeft_1_00_Ja.setting, 063_IllustPsRight_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 060_IllustCspLeft_0_30_Ja.setting, 061_IllustCspRight_0_30_Ja.setting, 062_IllustPsLeft_0_30_Ja.setting, 063_IllustPsRight_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 060_IllustCspLeft_0_22_Ja.setting, 060_IllustCspRight_0_22_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsLeft_0_22_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsRight_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 060_IllustCspLeft_0_10_Ja.setting, 060_IllustCspRight_0_10_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsLeft_0_10_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsRight_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 060_IllustCspLeft_0_01_Ja.setting, 060_IllustCspRight_0_01_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsLeft_0_01_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsRight_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

One of the most inconvenient things about using Photoshop and CLIP STUDIO PAINT on Windows tablets is that they don't have shortcut buttons. In illustration production, tablets such as Wacom products are often used, but in that case, there is a dedicated hardware key in the tablet itself. This makes it easy to change tools, zoom in and out, and more.

However, in the case of Windows tablets, there is no hardware key for paint software because it is only a general-purpose machine. To compensate, I created a short cutboard for painting.

The distributions are for photoshop and CLIP STUDIO PAINT, left-handed and right-handed, respectively. The following shortcuts are 10000000000000000000

  • Pen (P)
  • Eraser (E)
  • Brush (B)
  • Selection (M)
  • Fill (G)
  • Text (T)
  • Shape (U)
  • Zoom (Photoshop:"Z", CLIP STUDIO PAINT:"))
  • Shift (for things like straight lines)
  • Ctrl (for example, layer move)
  • Alt (for, for other things, eyedroppers)
  • Space (for things like palm tools)
  • Undo
  • Redo

Because these shortcut keys are only software keys, they are basically not available at the same time as using the pen. Spaces, Shift keys, and so on are toggled because you can't use the palm tool with a pen while holding down the space key. In addition, when the pen is close to the screen, the operation of the pen takes precedence, so it will not respond even if you touch the key of the board, so please do not mistake it for a malfunction or failure.

Board Creation Excel Tool

Latest version

The file name of the Create Board Excel tool is BoardCreator_x_xx.xlsm". (x_xx is the version)

It also contains a file from which the board package .xlsx is distributed as a sample.

Previous version


Board container definition files are stored in JSON-style text files, so you can edit and create files directly, but the layout and so on are difficult to edit intuitively, so we created a separate board creation tool.

The tool was created in Excel 2013, but has been checked for operation in Excel 2010, 2013, and 2016. (It may also be available in Excel 2007 and later versions of Excel, but it does not guarantee operation.)

See the following page for instructions on how to use it.


In addition to the board packages officially distributed on this site, board packages may be distributed by other users' volunteers, so please look for them.