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Describes and defines the unique terms used in the Setan touchboard.


"A" or "1" are the targets to be pushed down. It is almost identical to the keyboard keys. Mouse pads, D-Pad, board movement and closing, etc. are all defined as keys.


Refers to a window in which multiple keys are placed. For example, if the board is divided into the lower left and lower right parts of the screen, there are two boards. Basically the number of windows = the number of boards.

Board container

It is a collection of boards to be displayed at once. It is a form of switching the board container by pressing the board switching key placed on the board. For example, switching between "standard keyboard", "mouse pad", and "ten keyboard" is equivalent to switching between board containers. Since the minimum file configuration of the board configuration file is a board container, it is easy to add and remove board containers.

Board container definition file

This is the file that defines the board and key placement of the board container. The extension is located in the Boards folder in the execution file in .setting. You can easily change the placement and behavior of keys by replacing and rewriting this file.

Board package

A company that owns multiple board containers. When you start the touchboard, load a single board package. In addition to board container information, board packages also contain image information used for keys. Multiple board packages can be placed, but only one board package can be used when launching a touchboard.