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They are out
This time the main character (?) )。 It is characterized by three hairs. It was born from the original "JPEG Butler".

As you can see, it's impossible to read what you're thinking. Or y, it is unclear whether there is a thinking ability itself.

My body is in a lot of fun. It feels like a jelly-like thing melted by heat.

To tell the truth, it seems to exist though the color of the body is yellow though it is "Blue", "Red", and "Black".
It appeared because the author casually modeled it. This time, this guy happens in large quantities.

Originally it was a translucent body, but the programmer was troublesome and appeared opaque.

He has a strange face, but there are rumors that his body is actually patterned. The expression does not change for that reason. However, the direction is neat, and it is "Front" if the face is attached.