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I will leave an appropriate record of the wars production.


It is a diary that I wrote when I was trying to make a war wars.

2006/06/23 Let's make a game!

When I was searching for game production, I found an interesting site.

[Amateur Development Institute]

It's a game-making site that details game production instructions for specific areas.

The features of this site are explained in detail using examples that consider specifications and rules for games that are pre-programming, which are not often found on other sites. In terms of game companies, is itthe part of the "planner"?

In addition, since the progress from nothing about one game to completion is written, I think that it will be a good idea to look at it once if you want to make a game. I think that it is quite easy to read because it is not very dependent on the program.

So, when I was reading it, I wanted to make a game for Musho, so I thought I'd use two days on Saturdays and Sundays to make up the game.

Anyway, there are only two days, so I will never hold a large-scale ideal, and I want to run with the first specification I decided. In addition, it will be my first 3D game, so it will be a long time since I studied.

First of all, the specification is decided. As written in the Amateur Development Institute, even if you start production in a simple state, it does not end at all, so you will first decide the specifications without any changes.


"You can enjoy it as many times as you like and make an impressive game!! Instead, this is the first 3D game, so you will learn the basics of 3D games and learn the techniques to connect to the next step.


A simple 3D action game. Control the player and annihilate enemies on the field.

How to fight

Both the player and the enemy fire bullets at the opponent. If you hit an enemy several times, you can kill it, and the player will receive it several times. The difficulty is relatively easy.


It's a one-player, third-person view, but it's also a first-person view. It's like Three Countries Musou. Dozens of enemies. Because there is no production time, I use "Out" for the player. Enemies use "Jerry". Models and animations use "ELEM files". Already tested.


There is only one type of bullet for both players and enemies. They hit a bullet by flying it The player fires one bullet at each press of a button. Because I do not feel that I am shooting so much when I put out a continuous bullet while pushing.


Use hate fields in demo programs. The hit judgment of the wall is not used this time. Can be moved within a set range. Come on, come on. You can't jump.

Input device

This time it's keyboard only. If you put in the joystick, the production may not be in time.


This time, I don't think I have time to create materials one by one, so I'm going to use materials that have already been created or distributed free of charge.

Operating environment

I want it to work with Windows 98 and later. However, at a minimum, make it work with Windows XP. In addition, as with El Freina,

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Latest DirectX End-User Runtime

will be required.

As for the specs, if there is a DirectX9-compatible video card, it will be at a moving level. However, there may not be much time to test this time.

That's it.

I don't want to make titles or anything like that. Only the game system part. In addition, I will not make effects or anything that highlights the production unless I have time. These will be the next issues.

This time, it is not to make a program from 1. The code used in El Freina can also be used as a library to some extent, but there is very little code for the game, so you may need to create it well in the process of making the game. I didn't touch DirectSound, so it's a little unclear how long it will take.

For now, I'll write down my progress in my diary on Saturday night and Sunday night. The game will be released on the homepage, but as early as Sunday, if late monday or later.

A brief appointment on Saturday and Sunday.


A rich game library. Basic system development of the game. Hit judgment, billboard, sprite related. I think that there is no problem because the display of the character was doing in the demo program. If possible, I want it to move from the start to the end of the game.


The production of ancillary parts. Bgm and sound effects are attached. The rest is production of what remained on Saturday.

I mean, I didn't have to separate them. For the time being, I wonder if I will feel like I will take the lead in doing what I can at that time.

I don't know if it's funny about the game itself. Maybe it's not very interesting. My goal is to "try to make a game", so I would like to think about "interesting games" later.

... I wrote something amazing, but what if I couldn't do it in two days... I think that I will try it even if I prepare for failure while also thought. If you don't write like this, you won't do it for as long as you want. (^^)

Oh, and of course I'm going to sleep properly. I don't stay up all night. The scarest thing is oversleeping...? orz

■Come out■


This time the main character (?) )。 It is characterized by three hairs. It was born from the original "JPEG Butler". As you can see, it's impossible to read what you're thinking. Or y, it is unclear whether there is a thinking ability itself. My body is in a lot of fun. It feels like a jelly-like thing melted by heat. To tell the truth, it seems to exist though the color of the body is yellow though it is "Blue", "Red", and "Black".



It appeared because the author casually modeled it. This time, this guy happens in large quantities. Originally it was a translucent body, but the programmer was troublesome and appeared opaque. He has a strange face, but there are rumors that his body is actually patterned. The expression does not change for that reason. However, the direction is neat, and it is "Front" if the face is attached.

June 24, 2006 Game Production Progress Saturday

The screen looks like this.


I'm thinking of doing it after this.

  • Create a screen fade class
  • Create character fast drawing classes
  • Create your own sprite class
  • Z sort of translucent model (see off this time if processing is going to be slow)

Is. However, I don't know if I can do everything because of time. The system itself has been completed, so I would like to do it at my convenience. I have a feeling that it will be completed by the end of Sunday.

I forgot to write yesterday, but the screen starts in window mode.

The enemy does not aggressively attack. Or y, no matter how you think about it, if you are attacked by 1 to 1 to 10 bodies, it is absolutely not reliable.

In addition, enemy bullets fire in random directions, but they sometimes shoot at the player. You need to dodge the bullets coming towards you, but also watch out for random bullets.

The shot was scheduled to fly in a straight line in the direction it was originally facing, but it seemed more interesting to crawl on the ground, so I changed it. I couldn't do it somehow to get a bullet half buried in the ground. (^^)

Bullet hitting screen

June 25, 2006 Game Production Progress Sunday

Time is also time, so this is the end of the production.


I think the difficulty is relatively easy. I think that it is possible to clear with no damage if you get used to it. A game time is about a few minutes.

However, it is not interesting that it is only that, so I made it available to set some parameters freely.

Since there is a text file in the "Data" folder, you can reflect it in the game by rewriting the contents.

It is mainly the number of enemies, HP, damage, etc., but I also tried to add a function that can not be used without rewriting this file, so please try it once you clear the game.

The operation is written later by creating a dedicated page, but it moves with the cursor key and fires bullets with the X key. You can turn the camera in the direction the character is facing with the Z key. If you move while pressing the Z key, you can move by fixing the direction of the character.

The game is complete, but it takes a lot of preparation before it's published, so wait a little longer. There are copyright notices, simple explanations, and page making.


If you're confident in your PC's specs, try increasing the number of enemies. (^_^;)