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* Before using the software, be sure to check that the specifications and components of your PC meet the requirements of the operating environment.

To play Wars, you need to have the following two installed.

Download "Out of Wars"

You can download the software from the link above. The .zip compressed with a "free" file, but if the OS is Windows XP, the decompression function is included as standard, so copy the contents and remove them. For other operating system, prepare decompression software.

After unziping the file, you can use it as it is. There is no particular installation. Uninstalling is also all you have to do is delete the file. We do not rewrite the registry.

Questions such as bug reports and how to use them are accepted on the bulletin board.

Download "Out of Wars Game Parameters Set"

You can download the game settings file recommended by the author. When you unzip the ZIP file, it contains the following folders.

  • Initial difficulty
  • Simply on difficulty
  • Simply high difficulty
  • Realistic Me ○ Rus slime?
  • Bomb Storm
  • Grand Battle
  • The Story of the To-○P Family
  • Boss's Room
  • Ultimate Battle (Spec Required)

If you copy "Parameter.txt" in each folder into the "Data" folder of The Wars that comes out, you can play the game with that setting.