Game data reform

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This game allows you to play by freely changing the parameters used in the game. Since there is a "Parameter.txt file in the Data folder, you will rewrite its contents. See below for parameters.


Parameter content
FogColor You can change the color of the fog. From the left, "A", "R", "G", and "B" range from 0 to 255, respectively.
ZSort Sort translucent models to make them look better. False makes it look bad, but it does work faster.


Parameter content
Life The player's HP.
AttackDamage Damage when a bullet hits an enemy.
WalkSpeed The speed at which the player walks.
ShotSpeed The speed of the bullet you shot.
PenetrateShot True to penetrate bullets even if they are enemies.
MaxShotCount The maximum number of bullets that can be displayed on the player's screen.
3Way True to fire bullets in three directions at the same time.
3WayAngle The angle of the bullet at both ends when 3Way is available. (degree)

Enemy (Enemy)

Parameter content
EnemyCount The number of enemies. Up to 500 bodies can appear. (Specification required)
Life Hp of 1 enemy.
WalkSpeed It is the speed at which the enemy walks.
AttackDamage Damage when an enemy bullet hits a player.
ShotSpeed The speed of the enemy's bullets.
MaxShotCount The maximum number of bullets an enemy can fire. If you have a large number of enemies, the maximum number is limited. (Specification required)
Bom When the enemy falls.

In addition, the author's recommended configuration data is published on the download page.