About purchasing the share version

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El Freina has a "free version" that can be used for free and a paid "share version". The free version has some limited features of the share version. The share version is ready to download without purchasing, but it is not possible to save the data.

You must purchase a license to use the share version without restrictions.

How to buy

From 2020, it will be sold at the following sites:

Conditions for purchasing

  • Verified that elfrina's share version works properly on a pc using software
  • Those who try to use the software and decide that it is OK to purchase
  • Those who understand how to use a personal computer and the term in its own way

About licensing

License price

The price of one license is sold as a guide of 2000 yen, but it may increase or decrease due to the restrictions of the sales site.

License format

The license is in file format.

Total license file size

The total file size for a license is less than 1KB.

What are the required number of licenses?

The number of licenses to purchase is as follows: If you do not meet the following conditions or are not sure, please contact us by e-mail.

  • Basically, it is one license per person. If you have more than one PC by yourself, one license is fine. However, please use up to 5 cars as a guide. After the 6th car, you will need one license for each of the five cars.
    If there are three people who use ElFrena, three licenses are required.
  • As an exception, even if there is a person who uses three people, if there is only one pc, only one license is fine. For example, if there are only 10 students in a computer classroom, if there are only five PCs, it will be 5 licenses. Think of the basic way of counting licenses as the smaller number of people and the number of pCs.
  • Do not use elfreina in a state where multiple users can share it, such as on a server. It is one software with one local PC to the last.
  • If you are using it by multiple users, such as "computer administrator" or "restricted user"on a single PC, such as Windows XP, you can use it in the form of sharing Elfreina because it is a single PC. One license is fine in this case.

Manage licenses

Please manage your purchased licenses so that they are not lost or leaked. Secondary distribution, reproduction and transfer are prohibited. In particular, there is a possibility that it will flow out even if it is not intended due to shared software or viruses, so please be careful.
If you leak it unintentionally, or if you use it illegally, you may not be able to use the license in the future.

Reissue licenses

Please think that it is basically not possible to reissue it depending on the situation.

License modification

Never rewrite the license file. If you rewrite it carelessly, the license may become invalid.

License expiration date

The license only expires ver 1.xx (xx is the minor version). It is not available in Ver 2.00 or later.

Things to keep in

  • This license does not guarantee support. It is for you to use the share version without restriction to the last.
  • The license is intended to allow you to use all shared versions of the features and do not mean that you can use the features from the free version or save them in the shared version.
  • Due to various circumstances, sales may be suspended or discontinued without prior notice.
  • Personal information will not be transferred or reproduced by others. In addition, we do not use your personal information in any way if the purchase process is successfully completed.