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This software makes it possible to achieve a variety of expressions by adding bones to the created 3D model and manipulating each part of the model. In addition, by registering as an animation, you can apply movement to the model in real time.  You can also use the animation model in games by outputting to x files with skin animation (share version only) or Elfrina extended model files.


The model data that can be read is "metasequoia file", "X file", "Elfreina extended model file"

When reading mqo files, additional settings are basically not necessary in the metasequoia. All of this software is designed to make fine settings.  In addition, you can apply the "smoothing" effect set in the metasequoia, so you can make the face look smooth or angular. Semi-transparent display by "transparent map" is also possible.

*"Metasequoia" means O. It is a modeling software developed by Mr. Mizno. There is LE version (free) and regular version (share). (Homepage http://www.metaseq.net)

You can also read X files, but this is recommended because MQO files can be managed on an object-by-object basis. (Of course, animation is also possible with X files.) )

Depending on the file type, it has the following characteristics:

MQO File X File ELEM File
Multiple mesh management And Without And

(model data only)
Small Large Ordinary
Model data loading speed

(For Elfreina)
Slow Early Early

※ Even if you read the X file with animation, it will be treated as a normal X file.
※ "Curved surface control" and "mirroring" are not currently supported by reading metasequoia files. Run "Freeze Curved Mirror" on the metasequoia side before reading.


Can be output in "X file with skin animation (share version only)" and "Elfreina extended model file"

Output in "X file with skin animation (share version only)" and "Elfreina extended model file" is possible. Of course, you can register multiple animations.

Lactin, Bone Creation Mode

This software allows you to create bones. Bones are very easy to create, and parent-child relationships can be easily created with the click of a view with the mouse. After roughly creating, fine-tune it a little and you're done.


Easily associate bone and model vertices with "vertex weights"

You can easily set which range of vertices each bone affects the vertices of the model using a range box called a vertex weight box.  Because it is not set directly to the vertices of the model, for example, moving or increasing vertices in the modeling software reduces the number of extra edits in elfrina.  In addition, since the box is independent of the model, if it is a close form such as a person model, you can animate another character immediately by simply replacing the model.


If more than one box overlaps the vertex, it can be automatically smooth blended.  In addition, the box can determine the number of divisions and can be freely deformed.

Automatic vertex weight assignment

Basically, vertex weights have an explicit way to specify them using boxes, but you can use automatic vertex weights calculated only from bones.  All you have to do is create a bone. After that, the weight is automatically calculated from the position of the bone and the vertex, and it is possible to move directly to animation editing.

Once you have created the bone, leave it as it is in the animation.

Real-time animation

Regardless of the specifications of your PC, you can animate at the same speed as real time. For example, a pc that operates at 60fps per second and a PC that only operates 15fps per second are in the same position after one second.

*What is FPS?
Frame Par Second. A unit that indicates how many times a screen can be refreshed per second.

Animation parameters are Translation, Rotation, and Scale.

"Translation" and "rotation" are usually available in 3D animation software, as well as "scale" animation.

平行移動 回転 拡大縮小
Translate, rotate, and zoom

UV animation (share version only)

UV animation is an animation that can be done by moving the texture rather than moving the polygon itself.  Moving polygons can make the problem work as if the polygons are moving by changing the texture position.  In addition, it is also possible to do interesting processing depending on how to draw the texture.

It looks like you're moving the eye polygons, but the textures are moving to make it look like they're moving.

Smooth representation of animation start and stop

For example, even if the operation of "walking" changes from the stop state of the character to the movement to walk suddenly, or it may suddenly stop upright. This software provides parameters to avoid the phenomenon, so it is possible to express beautiful movement.

Expected multi-animation

Multi-animation is possible with x files with animation. For example, if you start "walking" and "waving" upright at the same time, you can create an animation of "waving your hand while walking." (Please refer to the figure below as an example)

Animation from posture independent of the original model data in the initial posture is possible

By using the initial posture, you can create animation data without depending on the posture of the model data.  This is very useful when blending multiple animations, for example, as shown in the figure below.

初期姿勢を使用しないとき 初期姿勢を下のようにしたとき
When you do not use the initial posture ← → When the initial posture is lowered

When you blend the two animations below,
Face up + fold your arms


The animation of the arm blends and blends beautifully into a strange shape.

Easy-to-handle interface

Regardless of the size of the model or the enlargement of the display, the size of the bones and manipulators matches the screen ratio, making it much easier to use with the mouse.

インターフェース farインターフェース near
The thickness of the bone and the size of the shaft are changing relative to the model.

Easy-to-use positive projection view

Usually it is displayed in a "perspective projection" that looks small enough to go to the back, but in this case, it looks good, but it is very difficult to align it with the grid.  For that purpose, "positive projection view" was prepared. As shown in the figure below, things that are far away are not smaller, making it easier to position them accurately, as shown in a plan view.

"Perspective projection" on the left and "positive projection" on the right

Advanced Undo features

You can use the Undo and Redo functions for most operations other than New and Load Project. The maximum number of times is 100 defaults, but if you have memory, you can increase the number of times as needed. ※ Except for changes that are not directly related to the model, such as preferences.

Multiple bones at the same time

There is usually only one bone that can be moved at a time, but this software allows you to manipulate multiple selected bones at once. As is the case with rotation, it is possible to move and enlarge as well.

I'm spinning my legs at the same time.

Rotation of bones with IK, FK

It is possible to rotate bones by "IK" and "FK" which are often used in model animation software. Some patterns rotate intuitively by clicking directly on bones and axes, and patterns that use manipulators to perform accurate rotations. You can choose any way you like because you can rotate the bone in any way.

IK, FK による回転
Manipulators can also choose the rotation method from "World", "Local", and "Parent".

Multiple key interpolation calculations

You can specify an interpolation calculation method for determining the attitude between keys, for each animation and bone.

  • Linear interpolation
  • Step interpolation
  • (Tertiary) Spline interpolation
  • Lagrange interpolation

Create Help Wizard

People who are new to the interface are often told that they don't know where to start or what steps to use.  In this software, "Create Help Wizard" starts at the same time at startup, and the procedure to create it through the sample is explained in order in an easy-to-understand manner.


Because the window is also small, it does not get in the way too much, and it is possible not to start it after next time if it does not need it any longer.  (The Create Help Wizard may take some time to start.) )