Tohoku Earthquake March 11, 2011 Photo Summary

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Since the Tohoku Earthquake occurred, the situation of the damage and the subsequent impact were recorded in the photo. Since the influence of the earthquake has calmed down to some extent, I tried to upload the photos I took so far. Because it was taken by individuals, there is quite a variation, but I would be happy if I could tell some of the effects of the earthquake.

※ About the photograph taken by the mobile phone, please forgive it ally put some original.

【2011/03/11 14:46】

When the earthquake occurred or immediately after the earthquake, there was no photograph because it was a life-saving state rather than such a situation (as expected, I did not think so much in that (^^;)).

I was working in Sendai city at the time of the earthquake, and the seismic intensity was more than 6 in Sendai City. At the time of the earthquake, I went outdoors and evacuated (it was still dangerous that the electricity on the streetlights would fall), but after that I went back to the company once and cleaned up a little room that was disturbed by the earthquake. There was a complete power outage in the city, and it was a very tense situation because aftershocks of seismic intensity 5 class continued while cleaning up indoors.

After tidying up, it was dissolved as it was, so I walked toward Sendai Station where there was a train or bus for the time being.



It is Todai Park. I see people accumulating in the back. Are they temporarily evacuated? It seems to have hardened in one place to some extent because it has already stood for an hour and a half since the earthquake occurred.



It is on the side of Magadai Street in Maga todai Park. You should be able to walk normally at this time, but the road is blocked by people.



It is a building near The Todai Park. The outer wall above the 3rd floor is off. It would not have been dangerous if we had been near here at the time of the earthquake.



Nishikicho Park. A large number of people are gathered to evacuate. After all, the park where there is nothing falling is safer. There were people who wore helmets even if it was not shown in the photograph.



It is in front of Sendai Station (west exit). It snowed even if it was cold.



There are some cracks on the elevated sidewalk in front of Sendai Station.



It is in front of Sendai Station. Quite a few people are gathering. There are also security guards who maintain transportation. People are walking on the road or regardless. The snow has also snowstormed further.



Sendai Station. Because the inside is collapsing, it is regulated and can not be put in. The bottom is full of people who cannot enter.



The place where the photograph is taken is a road, but people gather regardless. Also, the sky is dark due to a snowstorm. At this point there are no trains, no buses, no taxis. So-called home-come-home refugees are gathering one after another.



I think that you can see that the ceiling of the elevated sidewalk is bent in the condition of the light. Because it seemed to fall something, the person who was under noticed and avoided it.



It cleared up in no time even if it had snowed so long ago. Even if it is a road, people are walking without care.



Towards Espar at Sendai Station. There are a lot of people here, too. The bus at the inn seemed to be coming. I don't know where I'm going.



The taxi also came a little, but it disappeared in no time. As expected, this much of a person will not be accepted. Gasoline will also be gone.



In front of the loft. It's far and hard to understand, but I wear a sheet of silver paper to keep out the cold.



It was like something was broadcasting in the direction of the bus stop.



TBC (Tohoku Broadcasting) and MMT (Miyagi TV) were coming. It's early work, isn't it?



It is in the direction of the bus pool. It is very crowded. Of course, the bus has not come. (There was an announcement later that the bus would not come.)



Even if you go to the bus stop, it doesn't seem to be any good, so I tried to get close somehow. Antenna is long.



Even if I was here, I was going to spend the night, so I spent time walking home. It is the last piece in front of Sendai Station. There are still a lot of people.



After being on the first floor of AEL for a while, I went towards the east exit of Sendai Station. It is also difficult to find a toilet that can be used.

I couldn't get through the station, so I went around and headed for the east exit. Part of the building wall was collapsing in the middle of the road. Below, there are people clearing the dirt.



It is the east exit of Sendai Station. The east exit is relatively new, but it still seems to be damaged. The ground in the picture is near the road in front of the station, but it is in the way. I'm a sning for some reason.



There are fewer cars than usual on the road from the east exit of Sendai Station to Kleenex Stadium Miyagi. The traffic lights are off.



It is a building on the way home. It is a pattern that the glass is splashed and removed because it is dangerous. Was it on the way to stand up?



It is a railroad stop on the way home. The train is not working, but the traffic lights are always ringing and the shut-off is stopped halfway. In the back, people are erring the breakers by hand.



It suddenly got dark after 18:00. Of course, the streetlight does not come on. The picture is a broken sign. It is dangerous.

The streetlights did not attach, but the driveway was a terrible traffic jam in both lanes up and down, and the light was not troubled. (^^;)



Older buildings are relatively crumbling. I didn't know it at night, but later on, the block wall was also down and it was very dangerous.



It is a little difficult to understand in the photograph, but the vending machine is falling forward. It is dangerous. I wonder what's going on now.



It's hard to understand, but it's actually inside 7-Eleven. On my way home, I thought about future food shortages and stopped by a nearby 7-Eleven to buy something. Inside the 7-Eleven, shelves almost fell and goods were scattered. There is no electricity and it is not in a state where it can be operated decently.

However, even in such a situation, the clerk responded while hitting the product that the customer purchased with a calculator while illuminating the cash register with a flashlight. Amazing.

By the way, about 30 customers lined up inside. The goods were almost dropped, so I picked up some and lined up. I bought it side by side for about 30 minutes, but the store seems to have closed around after I bought it. Perhaps because of the terrible collapse, the store was not open a week after the door was knocked down by a wooden plank.



The wall seems to have come off here, too.



There are no streetlights, so it is dark and difficult to understand, but it is the concrete ground of the sidewalk. There is a hole. I'm very terrified because I can hardly see what's going on.



I'll show you the biggest collapse site I saw on this day, a photo I took at a later date, but I'll show you the metal on the ceiling and everything falling into the car below. I think that the metal piece can be seen below.

I walked here for two and a half hours. There is still a long way to go.



Sendai City Miyagino Fire Department Iwaigi Branch Office? It is said that an emergency system is in place. Various things were collected.

There are few photos ahead. I was tired after walking for a few hours, and the ground was frozen, slippery and very dangerous. It is even more dangerous because there are no streetlights.



This is already five hours walked. About 100 people were evacuated by rifu town hall. I didn't know from people at the government office or volunteers near the entrance, but I was procuring supplies.

There were some big pots, so it seems that they were cooking.



The TV was on, and the situation of the earthquake was continuing. There is no electricity flowing through the town, but the electricity at the government office is operated by in-house power generation and is equipped with electricity.



In the back, the disaster headquarters was standing up. It is like checking the damage situation on the TV in the back. There are supplies in the foreground.



Finally one.

I went home as it was, but the lights were not going through, so I supplemented the lights with candles and flashlights. Of course, there was no water or gas, and I managed to warm up with the only oil stove. Aftershocks continued, and it became an uneasy night.