Tohoku Earthquake March 12, 2011 Photo Summary

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Since the Tohoku Earthquake occurred, the situation of the damage and the subsequent impact were recorded in the photo. Since the influence of the earthquake has calmed down to some extent, I tried to upload the photos I took so far. Because it was taken by individuals, there is quite a variation, but I would be happy if I could tell some of the effects of the earthquake.

※ About the photograph taken by the mobile phone, please forgive it ally put some original.


On the 12th, I didn't go out, so I just looked at the house a little bit.



A part of the room where you sleep or work. It is scattered to the amount of splendid. I was able to take a good picture without any changes.



Room scenery Part 2. Is it a feeling that there is no thing damaged and can no longer be used is scattered?

Come to think of it, the DVD drive of the laptop because it got caught when I opened it, and I needed to open it by hand....



I found a cracked CD case.

In addition to this, there was also a CD case where the corner of the case was put.

After that, there was not much damage because the book was bent or so much. The PC and other peripheral devices are also working normally for the time being.



The last one today.

The place where it is stuck is too splendid.