Tohoku Earthquake March 13, 2011 Photo Summary

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Since the Tohoku Earthquake occurred, the situation of the damage and the subsequent impact were recorded in the photo. Since the influence of the earthquake has calmed down to some extent, I tried to upload the photos I took so far. Because it was taken by individuals, there is quite a variation, but I would be happy if I could tell some of the effects of the earthquake.


Sunday. I'm off work on this day, so I don't go out much. Just a few pictures taken in the house.



Table. At this point, there is no electricity yet, so the source is the radio. AA batteries are very valuable. Also, these are valuable because they use AA batteries for each person with small flashlights and single batteries for larger ones.

Water is also quite valuable because water is not available. When using tableware, wrap the dishes with saran wrap, and after using without washing with water, use the back wasa to throw away the saran wrap.



An oil stove that can be used only with a few kerosene and batteries. If it is a battery, the fire is bad, so I light it with a chukkaman. It is a valuable stove that can take warmth even in the event of a power failure. It is not a good time just to warm up, so put water in the kettle and boil hot water.

On the left is an oil fan heater, so it won't work without electricity. It becomes a long thing of no use.



It is a valuable drinking water. There is drinking water elsewhere, but the most recent water is put in a large plastic bottle for ease of use.



It is a drink that I managed to collect at a convenience store or supermarket. Immediately after the earthquake, most shops are closed, or even if they are open, there are long lines and limited number of purchases per person, so you can hardly buy them. I can't buy vending machines because they don't have electricity.



Electricity, water and gas are completely stopped, so you can't take a bath. Instead, the remaining water in the bath can be used as sink water, and if it is clean, it can be used as washing water.

There will be a big difference in future life depending on whether the water in the bath is full or empty when an earthquake occurs. Well, it becomes a matter of timing.