Tohoku Earthquake March 18, 2011 Photo Summary

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Since the Tohoku Earthquake occurred, the situation of the damage and the subsequent impact were recorded in the photo. Since the influence of the earthquake has calmed down to some extent, I tried to upload the photos I took so far. Because it was taken by individuals, there is quite a variation, but I would be happy if I could tell some of the effects of the earthquake.


Friday. It's been a week since the earthquake occurred, but I took some photos from that time.



I passed on the side of this road several times, but I didn't notice it. The glass is cracked in a big way.

Even after a week, there is still no sign of it healing. It is a little difficult to understand with this photograph, but it is left hanging variously in the building.



It is the morning of the next day after the blizzard has passed. It is a pleasant blue sky.

But even after a week, the queues that line the shop have not improved. Rather, it seems to be increasing....



It was a procession lined up in selavi. Obviously there was a longer line than on Tuesday.

Well, it's sunny, so I think they're lined up. However, because of the snow of the previous day, the sidewalk was frozen in Tecateka and it was very slippery.



It is a procession lined up in super 800 fuji. Even after a week, everywhere is lined up.



I tried to line up at 7-Eleven. It is necessary to line up here, but it seems that some convenience stores have gan to open. However. It seems that the number of purchases is limited to several points per person, and the types that can be bought such as bento boxes and rice balls are very limited.

I bought them side by side for 30 minutes, but there were only 2 types of onigiri expired and about 3 types of bento. There were only a few rice balls, no bread, no sweets.

There was Evangelion's sweets.



I tried it by Sendai Station on the way back. It's been a week, but we haven't been able to recover yet, and we can't get inside. There are few ways to go far because there are no airplanes, ships, or Shinkansen.



Yodobashi Camera Sendai store opened for the first time in a week. Most corners were available to buy as usual (I didn't see the 2nd). However, considering the power shortage, more than half of the lights were turned off and it was quite a dark atmosphere. I don't really know if it's a picture.

The AA battery was out of order....

For the time being, I tried uploading the photos I took by the 18th, but I would like to upload them together later if I take other photos.