An error occurs when moving a working folder

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If you move the working folder (project) from the menu, an error will occur and you will not be able to move it properly. However, you can only move it successfully when you move it from a folder with the program body of The Rastil.

What to do when an error occurs

Since we are processing so that data is not missing due to errors, if you do not need to move the work folder, it is no problem to work as it is. (However, some of the files have been copied to the destination folder, so please delete them manually if you don't need them.)

If you want to move a work folder

If you really want to move the working folder, you can move it by the following operation regardless of whether an error occurred or not. (If you have a project in a folder in Rastil, you can move it successfully in the "Move Work Folder" menu.)

End Rastil

If you are starting Rastil, be it a good option to exit. If you do the following while still running, you may get an error.

Move all files and folders below the project to the destination folder

Moves all files and folders from which you want to move them to the destination folder. At this time, please perform "move (cut)" instead of "copy" of the file. If it is a copy, it is not possible to switch between work folders.

If an error has occurred, there are similar files and folders in the destination folder, but you can overwrite them.


Start Rastil

Then launch Rastil. When you start it, you will see a dialog similar to the one below, so please select "No". (If you accidentally select "Yes", please exit Rastil once.) A new file has been created in the source folder, so delete them manually. )


Next, a dialog similar to the one below will be displayed, so please select "Yes".


The project file selection dialog appears, so select the project file that you have moved to the destination folder.


After that, the main screen of Rastil will be displayed, so please do the work as usual.