Introducing new features

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Ver 4.0

Learn about the new features added in the checklist management software "Rastil" Ver4.0.

Synchronize checklists

Because checklists are managed on a file-by-file basis, earlier versions of Ver 4.0 could not determine which files were up-to-date when a project file was shared by multiple users or synchronized files across multiple PCs.

Ver 4.0 now checks to see if files or each check item has been updated, so you can keep up-to-date with multiple users and PCs.


Ver 3.0

Learn about the new features added in the checklist management software "Rastil" Ver3.0.

Input column of each check item can be set arbitrarily

In Ver2.0, the input items were fixed with "check", "type", and "content", but in Ver3.0, you can freely increase the number of columns.

You are also free to set the controls for entering data into each column.


Column items with default top and optionally customized bottom

Add input control

In addition to the traditional input controls, the single-line text box, date input, and checkbox controls have been added.

Of course, you are free to decide which controls are assigned to the column.

Check Enter a check mark. This control is the left column-only control. チェック
Extended text box for rastil Displays a text box where you can type multiple line of text, change the font of the input text, and the display of the scrollbar.

You can change this setting in your environment.
Single-line text box You can enter any text by displaying a single-line text box. 単一行テキストボックス
Combo Box Displays a combo box that you can select from items edited in the selection list. コンボボックス
Date entry Displays the control that selects the year, month, and day. 日付入力
Checkboxes Displays the controls that select ON and OFF for the check. If it is checked, it will be "○", and if it is not, it will be an empty character. チェックボックス
Update date and time This field is not an input item. When you edit another column, the date and time at that time are displayed. 更新日時

Configure checklist folders as real folders

The checklist tree folder configuration now matches the actual folder configuration. Checklist files are also placed in a folder configuration that can be loaded automatically at rastil startup by simply copying the checklist file into that folder.

Tier and manage checklists

Split checklist view and view two checklists at the same time

By splitting the checklist view, you can now view and edit the two checklists at the same time. This is useful when comparing two checklists, for example.

The view corresponds to both "horizontal split" and "vertical division".

Horizontal and vertical divisions are possible

Search function

Each checklist has a search toolbar that allows you to search for a specified column. This is a form that corresponds to the variable column of the conventional "type search" and "text search".

Select a search column to refine

Apart from the above searches, we're adding the functionality to search for the entire checklist.


When you perform a search, the results are displayed in the search results panel, and double-clicking on each item opens the checklist.


Password checklist protection

Checklists can be encrypted with a password. Since the password is attached to each checklist, it is possible to decrypt with the same password even if the file is moved to another PC.

In addition, there is a function to automatically apply the password temporarily during the rastil startup so that you do not enter the same password every time you open the checklist, so you can save typing.


Checklist templates

You can save the column information for a checklist that you created as a template.

Saved templates can be used to create new checklists, or you can modify column information from existing checklists in bulk.


Free layout with docking panels

Checklist tree panels, search panels, and search results panels can be docked to windows or floated. In addition, there is a "hide automatically" function that allows you to display it only when you need it, allowing you to edit the free layout and checklist in a wide area.

Can be placed in a free layout, such as left and right top and bottom, docking state, automatic hiding, etc.

Manage the entire checklist as a project

Previously, checklists were managed only within the Rastil folder, but Ver3.0 allows you to work on a project-by-project basis, specify where to create data, and create multiple projects.


Assign shortcut keys

Until Ver2.0, the shortcut keys were fixed, so I think some people were inconvenient, but in Ver3.0, shortcut keys can be assigned freely.

You can also add menus that do not have shortcut keys assigned by default. can be assigned to almost any menu.


Open checklists automatically

If there is a checklist that remains open the last time you exit the rastil, it will now open automatically the last time you start Rastil again.

You can also set it to open automatically for each individual checklist, so it's a good idea to set it up as a checklist that you should always look at when you start Rastil.


Delete old backup files

If you automatically create a backup file, you will accumulate files that you are not likely to use in the future. Ver3.0 now automatically deletes old backup files with automatically created backup files.

Backup files that pass the specified period at the end of the rastil are automatically deleted. This feature is turned off by default.


How to Create Wizard

If you're still not sure how to use Rastil, Wizard Help provides instructions on how to use it.

Wizard Help is automatically displayed when you start Rastil, so it prevents the often-possible phenomenon of not knowing how to use it without knowing the existence of help. If you no longer need it, you can also set it not to be displayed next time. Also, because the window size is small, it does not get in the way when you interact with it while looking at help.