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It is a record that the check management software "Rastail" was introduced in magazine publications and public websites.

Site Introduction

Date version Company (corporation) name Books, pages, etc.
2008/03/11 Ver 3.01 Window Forest Window Forest Soft Library March Issue - Rastil (Ongoing)
2008/02/06 Ver 3.0 Window Forest "Rastil", a software that allows you to manage multiple checklists at once for each category
2007/07/25 Ver 2.02
Jolls Co., Ltd.
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2007/03/10 Ver 2.01 Deals WEB Deals Web > notes, text, sticky notes> and lastail
2007/02/01 Ver 2.0 Vector Top > Soft Library > New Software Review > Rastil

Magazine publications

Date version Company (corporation) name Books, pages, etc.
2007/03/14 Ver 2.0 Shinyusha Co., Ltd. Windows 100% 04/2007
2006/04/03 Ver 1.01 Free Version enter brain Freeware Yearbook 2006