Floating panel disappears

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If you try to display a panel that is displayed as a floating panel such as a search panel, it may not be displayed. LaStail always remembers the display position of the floating panel, but if the screen resolution is smaller than when you started Rastil last time, it may be displayed outside the screen and disappear.


In order for this to reappear on the screen, you need to exit the rastil and rewrite the configuration file. There is a file called "Setting.xml in the folder where Rastil's execution file is, so open it in a text editor such as Notepad.


※ If you can not find it, it may be in the following folder.

Windows Vista C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\SorceryForce\Rastail
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings[username]\Application Data\SorceryForce\Rastail
C:\Documents and Settings[username]\My Documents\SorceryForce\Rastail

The contents of the file are in XML format, and the display location of the floating panel is in the following hierarchy:

  • RastailSetting > PaneLayoutList > PaneLayout > FlotingPosiiton > X (or Y)


If you save the file with this X and Y values set to 0 once, the floating panel will appear in the upper left corner of the display the next time you start Rastil. There are three types of panels, so please change the value of each. The name of the panel is written in the hierarchy below.

  • RastailSetting > PaneLayoutList > PaneLayout > Name

Each name corresponds to the following panels:

CheckListViewPane Checklist panel
AllSearchViewPane Search panel
SearchResultViewPane Search results panel