I want to restore from a backup file in Ver 2.0

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Raster Ver 3.0 has changed the file structure significantly and cannot be recovered from backup files created in Ver 2.0. If you want to restore from a backup file created in Ver 2.0, you can do so by following these steps.

If you are worried about data corruption, please back up the data you are currently using by copying it to another folder.

Ver 2.0 のバックアップファイルからは復元できない

Since backup files created in Ver 2.0 can be restored with Raster Ver 2.0, download "Raster Ver 2.02" from the home page first.

ラステイル Ver 2.02 をダウンロード

Expand the downloaded files and place all the files, such as "Rastail.exe", in any folder.

At this time, since the raster will be upgraded to Ver 3.0 as it is, you can save the trouble of moving the folder later if you put the raster in the folder you want to place in advance.

ラステイル Ver 2.02 を任意のフォルダに配置

If you have started another raster, keep it closed.

Start the placed raster ver 2.02.

ラステイル Ver 2.02 を起動

Select Restore from "Applications" in the menu.

"Is it okay to restore a file and delete all current data?" A dialog will be displayed, so select "Yes".


A file selection dialog will appear, so select the backup file created in Ver 2.0.


This will restore the backed up data.

After confirming the restore, exit the raster.


Then download Raster Ver 3.0 from the home page and deploy it to any folder.

ラステイル Ver 3.0 をダウンロード

Overwrite all files and folders in The Deployed Raster Ver3.0 with ver2.0 files.

ラステイル Ver 3.0 をラステイル Ver 2.0 に上書き

After overwriting the file, launch Raster Ver 3.0. The file will then be updated for Ver3.0 as shown on the right.


At the end of the update, you will be able to use the data restored in Raster Ver 3.0.