When transitioning to animation mode, "An unhandled exception occurred in a component of the application" is displayed during vertex data setting.

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Symptoms that occur

The following error may be displayed when transitioning to animation mode.


Conditions of occurrence

This happens when running in the following environments:

  • When transitioning to animation mode


It is difficult to identify the possibility of occurrence because it varies depending on the execution environment, but the main cause is that vertex processing is tried to be performed on the hardware side, but the video card cannot process it properly.

By default, Elfreina uses a mix of hardware and software for vertex processing, but in all environments it is not possible to determine exactly which mode to run, so it is possible to process it in hardware despite the lack of performance on the video card side.


This may be avoided by doing all vertex processing in software. By the way, even if all vertex processing is done in software, the drawing performance will not decrease dramatically.

There is no item to set the vertex processing behavior on Elfreina, so please edit the following file directly. (Please leave Elfreina terminated at this time.) )

  1. Open "Elfreina.xml" in the folder of the Elfreina executable in a text editor. (Please use an editor that can be edited in UTF-8.) )
  2. Changed "<CreateFlags>MixedVertexProcessing</CreateFlags>" around line 7 to "<CreateFlags>SoftwareVertexProcessing</CreateFlags>".
  3. Save "Elfreina .xml"
  4. Launch Elfreina to check